Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of the year musings, Ascoli

Saturday, 29 dic., 2007
Another year has passed, quite pieno (full) for me obviously! I graduated from a master's program in gastronomic science in march and then embarked on the new adventure in the Marche, Italy's beautiful secret. The agriturismo is changing slowly; we now have fancy comforters in each room for our winter visitors and keep promising to start digging the swimming pool out back. We have a bunch of new plants to add a bit of fullness to the garden and with luck and good weather, we will be planting our vineyard next month or in early February.
Bacco, my new dog is growing every day and his little mites have been eradicated, so hopefully his hair will grow back in the next couple of months under his jaw and on his right hind leg. He is really well behaved for a puppy and I try to be his capo branco (pack leader) and train him how to act around other people.
We have temperatures ranging from 1-9 degrees centigrade, which I notice is much warmer than Kansas City right now, but in the valleys and on the coast, it feels a bit cooler because of the humidity.
We have had 3 lady guests from Slow Food headquarters at Bra and they are teaching me new waking hours! I may need a week to recover when they leave tomorrow. I must admit, they did get me out to the disco last night, my 1st time in 7 months here and it was a blast, though I was really fading by 0300.
The pictures are of Ascoli Piceno yesterday and show the Piazza del Popolo with a merry-go-round and then a church in city center which used to have all those square panels filled with mosaics representing scenes from the bible, which unfortunately didn't stand the test of time. The last picture shows our neighborhood sheep which are grazing on a piece of land I would like to have someday. Good to have them fertilizing it now in case that comes true.
Happy New Year to all and go MU~~~

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