Wednesday, December 19, 2007


19 dic
Here I am at Nascondiglio.... where is my computer??? Why apple used fedex to deliver it to denver and they never left a notice at the townhome, so after 3 tries, they sent the computer back to apple. La regola di Murphy! Anyway, that is why i am tardy in posting and there are still no photos. I thought i might solve the problem, temporarily by buying a wifi port for my desktop computer at Nascondiglio, but unfortunately, my luggage with the receiver did not arrive in Rome with me. Now i will see if the italian courier can find n. di bacco tomorrow or day after.
Then, if the delivery is successful, I can update my time back home with pictures of Colorado etc.
A quick update on my residency status... the quota for 2007 and yes, i do mean 2007 and yes it is 19 dicembre!, opened today, so now i can try and become legal in Italy which qualifies me for all kinds of bennies, eg. I can pay the govt. a bunch of money and license my car and I can pay driver's school and learn how to drive in Italy (required)(300 dollars min.) and then if I pass the test, i can get a driver's license.
Bacco is bigger, a bit more calm, but with maladies of his eyes and skin for which he is receiving medication. Off to the vets tomorrow. Thanks to Hires Gage in KC for the advice on his italian treatment which seems correct.
We are full for new year's eve, which will be exciting and the vines are ordered and ready for planting next month, also exciting. I promise new pix soon! Thanks to Marcia and Larry for the colorado hospitality! My back is healing after 3 days of skiing!


Travelberg said...

Welcome back! I have missed your words and pics.
Have a Buon Natale and a prosperous New Year. I hope to visit in the Spring.

Mariann (Travelberg)

Dwight said...

thanks, i really miss my computer, still trying to get the old desktop to work, failing that, i will use raffaele's.