Monday, December 24, 2007

Buone Feste, Tanti Auguri, Merry Christmas

24 Dicembre, Vigilia di Natale
Merry Christmas everyone! I have wrapped all of my presents, only 4, and have cleaned the agriturismo, so we are ready for our guests. I cooked 2 pistachio tortes today, one for Raffa's family tomorrow and one for tonight when our friends from the university arrive for a few days. I will cook whole chickens today and some fresh bread and pick out a nice Christmas eve wine.
All the 12 inches of snow which fell before I returned have melted and today it is cool and humid and gray, but i found a nice picture from 2 days ago when i was up at dawn. We have decorations up and a few lights, so it seems Christmasy here. I visited the Christmas market after mass last night in Ascoli and have a few pictures also showing a full Ascoli Piceno with everyone shopping last minute in the streets and Piazzas.
Bacco is doing well and I am treating his little skin problem with the poison recommended by the vet and he will have a checkup in a week to see how we are doing.
I went to Rome this weekend and did a bit of shopping at IKEA and purchased comforters for most of the rooms and they make the rooms seem more cosy.
I will put a few pix above of my trip in america. Enjoy, and have a great holiday!

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