Wednesday, December 05, 2007

DAI!! Apple down! Pix?

5 dic
Ciao a tutti. Yesterday at Latteland on the Country Club Plaza, I was talking with Raffaele about life, the universe and everything on skype and my picture was not showing up from my built in camera. I took the computer to the Apple store around the corner and I have a "hardware problem" which means the computer will be shipped off to someplace and everyone keep their fingers crossed!; it will be mailed back to my condo in Denver. If it doesn't arrive before i leave, i will probably have to pay 1/3 of the value to customs in Italy when Les ships it to me.
I finished more errands yesterday in K.C. and then headed out to Jasper's for dinner and we had 12 people who were in culinary heaven as Jasper pulled out all the stops for us and let us try 50 y.o. balsamic vinegar, fig mostarda, fancy Sicilian sea salts etc. We then were treated to a wonderful bruschetta, fried polenta, a pasta with pork ragu, spinach salad, a wonderful fish called St. Peter's (San Pietro) and a dessert of chocolate tort and a bit of tiramisu. The wines were all wonderful and ranged from Piemonte wines to Sicilian wines.
Thanks Jasper!! and thanks to all my friends for providing the Italian wine tasting. We were able to try Morellone from Ripatransone, so hopefully all will have an idea what Rosso Piceno wines are like now. Adrian, who lives in a good place for esoteric wines will have to give me ideas how to get Marche wines into the midwest.
I am off to St Louis today to see my brother and his family with a stop at a little winery outside Columbia to meet a graduating agronomist from MU.
Thanks to Larry, Kevin and Erika for my 5 star accomadations in KC!
I am not sure when i will be able to post pictures again, but again, fingers crossed; maybe I can use another computer so you can see the famous K.C. plaza Christmas lights.
It was great to see everyone in KC! Come visit me in the Marche.

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