Wednesday, April 09, 2008

concrete, too many supervisors and bacco

9 aprile
Buon compleanno a Matteo! 10 Aprile. Stiamo aspettando per te a Nascondiglio!
Today was the pouring of the cement around the frame of the pool day.. this pool ain't goin nowhere now.
As in America you need 3 supervisors smoking and shooting the bull for every worker and you see Italy is no exception to that rule.
Bacco eats everything and has found a nice piece of wood as an antipasto.
I finished all of the yard today with my bum knee slowing me only slightly. I used a machete and weedeater, leaving the poppies where i could, and also the bietole, which is a bit like our spinach and was planted on the hill il Signore knows when. We ate some of the latter for supper and it was wonderful!
Time to start the whole grass cutting process over again, as it's grown in other parts while i finished the hill.
Not much new to report otherwise although I continue to try to get my permit of stay so I can drive my car.
As I told my friend Larry Cordell yesterday, good airfares are still to be found to Italy. I am flying back here in May with a round trip fare of 790!

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