Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mr. Bill trapped in the tulip

6 Aprile
Did anyone notice Mr Bill trapped in my tulip in the last set of photos or was that just one of my flashbacks from the 70's?
Fatherhood has its rewards and hardships and from the latter category, i was unable to go to Vinitaly because it rained. The pioggia started at 2 in the morning which meant to an awakened DDS, no builders were coming to work on the pool (alias dogsitters), so I was trapped with Bacco and worked around the house and in the yard when the weather cleared up.
Buon Compleanno to Adrian who is a regular contributor to this blog. 36!!! sorry adrian. I am sure he had a great dinner planned in San Francisco.
The garden is coming along with the newest additon of parsley. Basil is primed in the kitchen for planting outside in the coming 2 weeks when tomatoes will also be safe to plant here.
Guests will start trickling in this month including a long lost friend from Venice and our 1st guests from KC, winners of a week stay here which we donated to the KC Hospice auction. Also, I hope to see my friend Ann from KC, and her buddies as they tool around Italy the next couple of weeks.
I know everyone is afraid to visit Europe with the weakened dollar, but there are lots of ways to save here, just shop the bots (i like for flights, hotels and rental cars) or ask me for advice. I am a bit Scottish, as everyone knows. And since our yard is a mess, as you can see by the photos, we are offering a special which basically makes our price in dollars + IVA (tax) or only 60 Euros a night total, including breakfast and a welcome prosecco as always. (That is a bit of leftover marketing from my trip to the US).
The pictures show our mess of a construction site with Sabrina's tulips and hyacinths to brighten up the back yard a bit, and the 1st one a hope for warm weather to return soon. Bacco and I have spent the last 2 days at the beach where he loves to run in the sand and the water.


adrian said...

41??? 41???? Try 36. I am devastated, just devastated you thought I was that old.

Dwight said...

sorry, so that means you are too young to remember Mr. bill!