Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pool update

8 aprile
They are laying the little brown rocks around the pool frame which will serve as the base for the cement. All the frame is locked in, including our roman staircase to enter the pool which has a built in lounge chair for the 1st guest to claim it each day.
Today, i have continued my efforts to hoe all 12 acres of vines as well as completely weed eat and machete all the tall weeds and grasses on the hill Nascondiglio di Bacco sits on. This to prevent seeding of the vineyard with the weeds. Don't want all those dandelions!
Unfortunately, the hill is steep and i slipped with weedeater in hand and heard my right knee pop. Bye bye to some of the ligamentous attachments in the MCL. Thanks again to Larry for my Relafen bottle. I hope it works!

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