Thursday, April 10, 2008

growing vines and how i broke my knee

10 aprile
Today, I got Raffaele out into the field to do a bit of hoeing. tough work. We are trying to extirpate all the weeds near the 30,000 new vines while at the same time filling little holes that have been exposed around some of the vines from the rains we had.
Then, it was on to mulching the olive trees around our little road to Nascondiglio di Bacco and finally a visit with our friend Adele at the coldiretti who helped me fill out my indecipherable form for my permit of stay.
Bacco found a stye to roll around in, so afterwards he and I took a walk on the beach at San Benedetto del Tronto to clean him off.
The pictures show our permit for construction, the pool as of today, our poppy field (something to fall back on if the B&B doesn't make a go) and the hill I completely cleaned with a machete and weedeater and where I slipped and tore my MCL.
I won't let that little injury stop me, but i just got my bike serviced and new rollerblades and they will all have to wait a few weeks while i heal! Bummer!

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