Friday, September 19, 2008

Jemshed's photos vs mine

19 Sett.
I was contemplating life, the universe and everything and channeling Douglas Adams as it has rained here all day and I have cleaned everything I could at least once. One of my musings regards my old friend and college roommate Jemshed's photos which you can find here‏
I hope that link works. Jem takes great pix and they vary from mine as do the paintings of Pisarro when compared to Cezanne-Jem's almost always have people, interesting characters all, in his photos and mine are of landscapes and a dog every now and then. I must admit, his are more engaging than mine. He travels the world from Honduras to "Burning Man" finding those folks who are a bit out of the mainstream and I find them fascinating. I think maybe I will try to move a bit that direction myself now that I discovered this lack in my digital diary. I must regain my desire to act as a "flaneur" when I travel about.
The photos show a watchcow in France guarding Bresse chickens and the folks I am off to see tomorrow.

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j said...

Hey Dwight,

thanks for the comments on my photos! That link was a little messed up. This should work:

Never been blogged by someone I actually know before, so that was a nice new sensation. I think we should pick a week in 09 and I will actually come over and visit.