Sunday, September 14, 2008

Methodist church of Fermo, scouts invade Nascondiglio di Bacco

14 Settembre
We finally got a bit of rain as you can see by the "wet Bacco" photo. With that we experienced another rainbow at dusk today, and i had fun tweaking the pix a bit with iphoto. What you see is with maximized saturation, but it is still pretty. Raindrops in the pool round out the bunch.
This weekend, I went to the nearby city of Fermo, which is a wonderful place to visit with lots of interesting things to see in the way of churches, museums, roman ruins etc. I, however, was on a mission from God and went to join a little gathering of methodists at a house church. 6 people attended with the minister, a lady originally from Holland. It was a nice experience and I followed the service with a meal at one of the most famouse enotecas in Italy in the town's central square. It wasn't my favorite place as the wine selections were not to my liking, a prosecco too sweet, a montepulciano with oxidized notes, suggesting a problem in the winery and an eponymous IGT wine from the Ancona province of the Marche, which was undrinkable.
That made my trip back on the autostrada much safer, at least.
Meanwhile, back at Nascondiglio di bacco, we had our yearly birthday celebration of the scout friends of ours from Ascoli with dinner last night and breakfast and lunch with us today. They are a nice group and with their families, we had 12 for the weekend and now are empty. One of the braver adults actually bought a 5 liter bottle of our 2007 red wine which I bottled yesterday. I cleaned 28 bottles with soap and water and used the rinse water to water our olive trees, then filled them all up from our stainless steel tank and made a "wine wall" of containers, each with 3 of the 5 liter bottles inside.
When the rain subsides, maybe Wednesday, we will pick the big olives from our 2 trees on either side of our driveway. The other olives continue to change color and will benefit greatly from the rain as will our poor montepulciano vines in the old vineyard.
Also, I am excited to think that next weekend is the wedding of my friends Teresa and Michele and I will get to see their baby girl Matilde for the 1st time! It will be a grand reunion with almost all our classmates from the masters.
A dopo.

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