Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Olive tenere, wall of wine and Bacco eats a cow

16 Sett.
Auguri a Sheri e Parker in mezzo dei suoi compleanni.
Yesterday, during a break in our pleasant rain, we harvested our 2 olive trees called tenere. With the 12 kg or so we harvested, we should reap a wonderful reward as Raffaele's mother makes the best olive ascolane I have tried.
Here you see a sampling of the harvest and the empty tree. Last year we picked exactly "0" olives from these 2 trees and 51 kg from all 104 olive trees, so we are off to a better start.
Next you see the wall of wine with stackable crates designed to hold 3 bottles each with 5 liters. I will give one to my 10,000th reader if you come here to visit-9997 as of this posting. Our red is not too bad really. We hope to harvest and stomp this year's red grapes next week when our friends from the master's program arrive.
Bacco is still eating on his cow femur and doing a fine job of whittling it down. He has just about disarticulated the "ginocchio" or knee.
I need to take him somewhere today for a walk as he is getting antsy. I was so bored yesterday I started the "Teaching company's" lesson series on the Impressionists and made it to lecture 5, finishing Manet and the introductory chapters.
Finally, you see a photo of our view from the pool area as it starts to green up after the rain. It is nice and cool today and time to replace our summer bedspreads with the down comforters.
Sunday, I got 3 emails from KC friends who might come to visit next year. That was quite a thrill. I hope everyone will come visit this beautiful region as part of their tour of Italy and as always I am full of ideas on what to see throughout the country.
Have a wonderful week!


Opa said...

To all from the KC area (and anywhere else) who are thinking of visiting next year. Wanda and I can highly recommend it as most interesting and very relaxing. We spent a wonderful 3 days with Dwight, Raphaello and of course Bacco. It would have been better if it had been 2 weeks or a month (I've never had a month off, will have to try that sometime!) Please seriously consider and contact me for any questions.
Tom Simmons

Dwight said...

Thanks Tom! We look forward to the time you can visit us for 2 weeks. Tom is the only visitor who helped me with the hoeing this year as well. More fun to pick olives or stomp grapes.