Friday, September 19, 2008

Montepulciano harvest is near, classical concerts in the Marche

19 Sett.
This is the 2 week period of the big classical music festival in the Ascoli Piceno province and it was all started my an american, Michael Flaksman. He is now head of the Mannheim school of music in Germany, but taught many years ago for a master's program in music at Ascoli and fell in love with the town, so decided to start this music festival. Every night there is a concert for 2.5 weeks and they can be in the art museum, churches, wineries, or agriturismos all over the zone. I saw them play at the Ascoli art museum with a concert of Bach and Vivaldi which was exceptional and then again last night at a church in nearby Castignano. They played a Brahm's symphony which is not my favorite, but the price was right at gratis. For those of you who love classical music and want to visit the Marche, come next September in the last 2 weeks and enjoy a bit of night activity listening to fine young musicians!
We inspected the montepulciano grapes and while I think they are probably ready, we are going to take a chance and wait until next week to pick them after the rains coming today and this weekend. I hope the rain stops is all. The pictures show a couple of the plants and Raffaele taste testing, the church at Castignano and the group of 6 musicians who played either violin or cello.
Today, I went to the mayor's office in Offida to request my identity card, another step I must take before licensing my car. I timidly asked how long it would take to receive this vital little piece of paper and they kindly replied 30=45 days. I remember well when the questura at Ascoli told me the same thing for my permit of stay in May and as you know, I just received that 2 days ago. At this rate, my car will rust away before it is legal. One surprising bit of information is I will be able to receive their govt. supplied health insurance with the ID card. With what I have gleaned from various folks here, I hope I will never have to use it. I will come back the US for any serious illnesses for sure.
Off to Genova tomorrow and an opportunity to wear one of my suits which was feeling neglected in my closet. I hope everyone has a great weekend as I will and enjoy the Plaza Art Fair all you Kansas Citians!

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