Sunday, October 05, 2008

52-17, 30, Manual stem removal and T shirt designing

5 Ottobre
My friends will understand the numbers above, a score and the number of years since the last victory. Why was I worried?
Today, my friend Sabrina and I handpicked all the stems out of the fancy fermenting tank, since we don't have a destemmer. In the process, we discovered a new method of tie-dying t shirts. Not a bad job, just a bit tedious. It was a good day to work outdoors with a beautiful sunny sky and 70 degree temperature. The stems pretty much float near the top and with 5 man-hours of picking them out and squeezing any juice back into the tank, we were done. It seems we have developed a habit of only using beautiful Sicilian girls (and CA girls) to help us with our work around here. Not a bad gig for us.
Tonight is the final dinner to celebrate Ascoli Fest, winding down 2.5 weeks of classical music concerts. It was great fun to get out of Nascondiglio di Bacco and put on my nice duds again, while hearing the Flaksman family and their entourage play wonderful classical concerts in all sorts of venues. Next year, we hope to host a concert in our neighborhood in concert with our neighbor who owns the church at the top of the hill.
The pictures show the work of the day. The big tub contains the fermenting must and skins while the smaller one has the stems which we sorted out. You see my shirt and Sabrina's with the "montepulciano chaos" design and then you see the leaves changing in the vineyard across the valley and our passito grapes becoming raisins and still looking healthy.

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