Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nearly famous! Completing the pole placement.

07 Ott.
I am nearly famous. Fabio from the university spotted my mug on a publicity photo for slow food and salone del gusto. I am afraid no-one will want to attend, now. The pic. was taken during a wine tasting of wines without sulfur added and they were truly awful! I am surprised I am not grimacing with this white which was oxidized.
Follow this link to view: http://multimedia.slowfood.it/index.php?method=section&id=119
I am hoeing again, to clear the vineyard of erba medica and weeds bigger than Bacco and to get back in shape. The impiantisti are placing the final poles and cables in the vineyard and should finish this week.
Raffaele is still enjoying his vacation leaving me with the pool geniuses who dug up 3 of my prized plants, without asking, as they put in another new drainage system.
The red is fermenting along and I get to play in the must everyday as I push down the cap. Ah!? Life in the country.
Monday night was the finale for the concert series of Ascoli festival and included dinner at a nearby hotel/restaurant, Villa Picena. It was really a wonderful group of events and I would suggest a September visit to any classical music fans.
The photos are of the concert showing husband and wife cellists, the Flaksmans, and then a trio with 2 musicians from Ascoli and Mr. Flaksman followed by today's work in the vineyard.

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