Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Columbus Day and Happy 50th birthday to my brother, Jim

13 Ottobre
My friend Bill and I did a little sightseeing Saturday, heading to the beach and then to Ascoli and Offida. I dropped him off at the train station yesterday and hopefully he survived the 10 hour train ride to Nice and made all his connections.
I then tried to find the methodist church in Pescara an hour and a half to the south of us in Abruzzo, but failing in that quest, instead watched Bacco play on the beach for a half hour with a Golden Retriever puppy. We then drove back through Teramo, which is a very cute little town in Abruzzo at the base of the mountains which form the border of Abruzzo with Ascoli Piceno in the Marche. Finally, I retrieved my camera from Ascoli and am excited to try it again and take some better pix for the blog.
We are again empty, but I had a great time with my Kansas City friend and we finished off his visit with a dinner which included carrot, apple, and curry soup, roasted fennel with parmigiano cheese, a polpetta made by the most famous butcher in Italy, Cecchini, who has his shop and restaurant in the Chianti region, and dessert which included ladyfinger cookies to dip in orange mascarpone sauce. Of course, we had nice wines to match the different courses.
Tomorrow is my brother's 50th, so everyone call him up and wish him Tanti Auguri!
The pictures show me pushing down the cap on our wine, made up of the skins. It is about time to press. Then we see Bill eating the famous olive ascolane, eating at the communist restaurant, Middio, in Ascoli Piceno, picking olives with a beater and enjoying or at least trying freshly pressed olive oil, just a few minutes old!

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