Monday, October 27, 2008

Torino night life and the city

27 ottobre
Torino is a really nice italian city which I completely failed to visit 2 years ago when i visited salone del gusto as a student. Vowing not to make the same mistake, I rode around a bit on their local buses and visited the various piazzas and a famous coffee shop or 2. I also visited their egyptian museum, which is one of the top 3 in the world along with Cairo and London.
Speaking of London, Fabio Diu was there with friends, boss and famous chefs from England and they are wicked partiers. I hung out with them a couple of nights into the wee hours, which is something I can't really experience here in the Marche. I drew the line at fighting with gangs of italian youth or transvestite clubs, but otherwise, tried to hold my own with these guys and gals. We visited a nice restaurant, a french bar, a nightclub/discotecca and somehow were able to find taxis at 430 in the morning. I slept in or took naps to try and survive. I am back to Nascondiglio di (tox) Bacco and am eating salads and All Bran again.
I also went to 2 wine tastings I haven't mentioned which were of New Zealand wines, both pinot noir and sauvignon blanc. Other than one S.B., I didn't like anything, but that is just my taste and not that of others.
Finally, I should mention the 3 glass tasting (Tre bicchiere), which is the award given to the best wines in italy and signifies for us wine spectator readers, a vote of 88 or above. It is held on the ramp in the old Fiat factory where they used to drive the cars out as they came off the assembly line --all downhill-- which may be why in years past they had so many problems; they weren't adequately tested. Anyway, I was able to try Gaja, Ornallaia, Sassiccaia and all those big name italian wines. Most of them are too much the same with sacks of new oak tannins to ruin your palate and stain your teeth. There were some nice smaller producers which I liked and 5 from the Marche, all good. I also finally found a primitivo (their name for zinfandel) which I liked called Es (not est!)
. I am hoping the next time I attend it will be as a producer!
The pictures, starting from the bottom and heading up, show our dinner on Friday night, followed by a walk thru the piazza reale i think, then "what did he/she just say?!", fabio diu and the piazza by day with a photo exhibit.
Next up, the museo egizio

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