Saturday, October 04, 2008

Distrutto! cooking day

4 Ott.
Today is a cooking day as it has rained off and on all day and really feels like Fall. I did aerate all the flowers and trees in our little garden, turning the soil with the shovel and also planted some plants and a couple of little trees today and pushed down the cap of grapes in our fermenting vat.
About my cooking.... for lunch; curry carrot soup, meravigliosa! and for supper, I made a cold tomato soup, pureed with basil, orange basted whole baked chicken, twice baked potatoes with gorgonzola and rosemary and for dessert, a lemon sorbet with limoncello. Tomorrow the weather will be nice again and for a while, so it will be back to work.
The grapes are fermenting nicely and can't wait to see what comes of this batch. The 2007 is getting more drinkable all the time, but still is young. The white grapes we hung on the cables to make a passito are getting more than their share of moisture, so we will have to see if they get moldy of if the wind dries them quickly enough to stay healthy.
Thursday, Bacco and I finally got around to climbing my birthday mountain. We headed up the canyon of gola d'infernaccia and then I turned right at the cows, picking a summit straight up, not knowing what I was getting into. It was a bear! Luckily, my little mountain dog didn't slip and roll down the hill. When this newly crippled guy got back home, I looked up the "peak" on the map and found it was unnamed, so we can call it Mt. Bacco henceforth. It was 900 meters from the valley floor to the top and straight up with no trail. Never again! I am too testardo to quit something I have started, unfortunately, although I thought about stopping 3 or 4 times.
The trees are changing colors here in the mountains and there are spots above 7000 feet with a bit of snow.
The next task is olive harvesting and hopefully when my friend Bill comes from KC, he can experience that bit of work as it is quite fun. We will then be able to make the oil the same day at my neighbors frantoio or olive press.
Raffaele has escaped finally for a bit of vacation, so I am here with a couple of guests and some friends visiting.
The pictures are of our little hike in the mountains with the 3rd one being the bump we hiked up at 1930 meters, which has left me disabled, but hope to heal shortly and my patient dog waiting for the hobbling master and the last one I thought looked like Moses parting the Red Sea.
Have a great weekend and root for MU!
dds PS distrutto means destroyed which is how i felt after the 5 hour hike.


Me Pics said...

Nice pictures. Nice blog.

j said...

wow, that last pic is very atmospheric--nice work!