Friday, July 18, 2008

18 luglio Pool solutions

Hi everyone, sorry about the long wait for a posting. This week we are hosting a delightful family from Finland and they are enjoying their time at the pool despite its flaws. The "Suits" came to inspect the problem and after much scratching of heads and other body parts have come up with a solution to the difficulty we have keeping water in the pools. I thought maybe pools were designed to keep water in, but my american logic perhaps is failing me. Thanks for all the comments recently; one you won't see here was my friend Jasper's suggestion about the pool which was to DRINK HEAVILY! With a bit of work and crossed fingers, we hope to solve our glitches soon but meanwhile, the pool is useable.
Yesterday, I tackled a new task and built a little sidewalk from our sidewalk next to the house to the stairway to the pool using the left over bricks from the construction and the sand left behind in the driveway. It seems solid, but then I don't have to worry about any OSHA inspections.
The pictures show the almost completed patios in front of Nascondiglio di bacco and out my back door (check out the new curtains as well) where I can sip pina coladas and watch sunsets and frolicking in the pool. Also, I included a view of the marche from our last hike looking east towards the sea. Today with luck it will rain and I plan to work in the old vineyard putting vines inside cables etc. Tomorrow we have a road trip planned to meet our winemaker and explore a couple of architectural ideas for our winery. I will bring back pix with my little canon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks for reading!

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