Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bacco VS Rottweiler and Shaggy

Bacco has encountered his 1st male rottweiler who is visiting us with his parents from Ancona and we may have to put a size limit on the dog's we accept. They have been going at it a bit with the rottweiler outweighing Bacco by 15 kg at least. Bacco is feeling his adultness and will not back down, so it has been a bit scary. We will be at peace again later today.
I went to see Shaggy at Offida Friday night and it was interesting to say the least. He started 2 hours late and sang until 1 AM and when i returned to Nascondiglio di Bacco, Raffaele had locked me out. I tried every window and door without success and poor Bacco was inside wanting to let me in, but he's too young to know how to open the door by himself. Luckily for me, Room 2 outside was open, so I slept without sheets or pillowcase, but under a roof and in a bed.
Yesterday, we took a drive to Montecarotto which is in the northern part of the Marche and the northern capitol of verdicchio. We visited an underground winery, which we want to copy a bit, with our enologist, Roberto Potentini. You can see a picture of him explaining to Raffaele, the ingress of the grapes into the destemmer, press area. Afterwards, we had a nice lunch courtesy of Raffa's mom at San Benedetto del Tronto which is now full of tourists and let Bacco swim a bit at his favorite beach which allows dogs.
I am off to Perugia today to see REM in concert and back late tonight. Enjoy the pix of Shaggy, etc

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adrian said...

Shaggy in that's random. Just saw Coldplay in San Jose. Wow what a show. They will be in Bologna and Milan in late September.