Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Start of a new tradition

23 luglio
Well past the risk of seeming like the overproud papa, here are the pictures of Bacco's birthday hike. I have always tried to climb a mountain for my birthday, so this is an excuse to climb another one or 2 every year for Bacco's bd as well. Today, "the mountain goat" and I climbed 2 peaks with the taller being Cima del Lago at 2400 meters +. He greeted all the hikers, a lone sheep and another climbing dog on the 2,5 hour outing. The lake overlooks Lago di Pilato which by legend is where Pontius Pilate went to die after he converted to christianity or some such story. I will have to research it better. I do know there is an endangered little fresh water shrimp which lives within the lake. These pix are for all who know or want to know Bacco. I taught him to stop and smell the flowers, stand at the edge of cliffs, scale tall mountains (the cairn is the summit) and not to jump.

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Marlene said...

Hey, Dr. Stanford. I don't know how to do this and you may not accept even if I figure it out. Happy birthday and we miss you here at RBH. Joy told me you had a blog and somehow I found it. It sounds like you have it made and I'm envious.

Marlene Wheatley