Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day in the Life

28 Luglio
I hate stealing those Beatle's song titles, but I am lacking originality today. This is a story of our day here at Nascondiglio di Bacco Monday July 28.
I woke up early, because I am guilty, as are many dog owners of feeling guilty about not walking with Bacco every day. We took a jaunt through the neighborhood, seeing the houses being reconstructed, the vineyards being torn out and replaced and my dream home down the way, quasi at the end of the road. On the way back, we took a shortcut through a newly shorn field of hay and into our vineyard where the workers were attaching the iron poles to the cables to support the individual vines. Bacco then took up his normal location under a table of one of our guests to beg for food, as though his master doesn't feed him.
The rest of the day was spent cleaning rooms to prepare them for new guests arriving today, cooking bread and pretzels, making lunch for a poolside meal for a family which included homemade pizza, sliced prosciutto, various cheeses and breads, our artichokes preserved in oil, a bit of sorbet to clean the palate, and olives ascolane (filled with meats and cheeses and deep fried).
I then welcomed new guests, cleaned around the pool, did more cooking, helped our neighbor get our sulfur and copper treatment mixed for the vineyard to ward off various maladies, trimmed trees and bushes damaged by our excavator, answered emails and checked out the latest news via computer and then enjoyed the sunset with a new Brazilian beer called budweiser.
That was it for today although I am surely forgetting something. Enjoy the scenery from dawn to dusk with the 1st showing Nascondiglio di bacco and our vineyard from the east, Bacco walking up the hill exhausted, then resting before begging, then the sunset looking west over Offida and Mt. Ascensione.

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Tom & Wanda said...

The vineyards are looking great. Sorry I can't be there to help hoe, not that i was that much help. Keep up the good "work"; is it work taking bacco to the beach?
Have some people interested, will pass on your info.
Tom & Wanda