Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th of July weekend in Italy

6 Luglio
I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend. While we didn't have any fireworks, we inaugurated the pool this weekend and by chance ended up with a full house as all the hotels in the area were full and we got the overflow. We had folks from Rome, Genova, Milan and Grosseto.
Bacco finally has started to shed (and I was thinking flat coats didn't do that) as it has been nice and warm here. With luck we will put in the rest of the poles for the vineyard this coming week with the cables and tutors for the vines, as well as sod for our yard and ceramic tiles for the patio. And of course, there will always be bugs to work out with the pool.
Here are some views of the infinity pool and some of our 1st pool customers. Bacco hasn't jumped in yet, but after we get the yard in, we plan on putting one of our little grape crushing containers adjacent to the people pool as Bacco's private oasis.
ciao d


Richard Badalamente said...

Your B&B looks wonderful. I find it very impressive that you took your degree in gastronomic sciences. What wonder qualifications for operating the culinary side of B&B operations. Your photos make the place very inviting, and I love dogs, so maybe we'll visit some day. In the meantime, best of luck with the venture.

Dwight said...


Tom and Wanda said...

Sorry we haven't posted yet. The pool looks fabulous, certainly better than when we were there. Glad it's finally done and you and the guests can enjoy.
We had a fabulous and relaxing time with you. I have recommended it to all your friends here in Kansas City. We're busy trying to find a way to come back again soon.

Dwight said...

It was great to see you. Did you read the blog post about the bbq ribs i cooked with your 2 rubs?
Come back when you can and hopefully things will be all finished. Stay tuned for fotos of the vineyard with poles and wires and hopefully less weeds and the new patio.

Tom And Wanda said...

No we missed it, but glad it worked out. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the vineyard. My blister finally healed. How are yours?
I've got the '03 magnum from La Ciennete in the cellar. Waiting for an occasion when you're in town to celebrate.