Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 118 and the piscina is finished?

26 Luglio
This is the 118th day since the beginning of the pool construction and I think and I am promised (not for the 1st time) that all is in order, complete, finished, etc. I must admit, the pool does seem to function now and there is no water in our neighbor's vineyard. We are full this weekend and we started paying for the pool today by serving lunches to 5 guests poolside. Only a few more than a 1000 lunches to go and it will be paid for.
There are always festivals of one sort or another in the summer months all througout Italy and I made it over to Perugia to see REM at the Perugia Jazz Fest last week. Alicia Keys and others were also there as headliners. I have included some fotos of the concert and the festival and no, I am not dating anyone in the pix. I just wanted to show you what I look like as I near 51 yo.
Bacco and I made it to the beach today so he could get a swim in and burn some energy and leave some of his shedding fur behind in the sand and sea instead of in Nascondiglio di Bacco!
The vines are looking good and yesterday we finished hoeing the Pecorino which is always a chore with the perennial erba medica still trying to take over. The poles, anchors and wires are all placed in about 2/3 of the vineyard as well.
Buon weekend to everyone!
PS, I spoke too soon. My guests just asked me if water was supposed to exit the little pool!!!! AIIIIII!!!! Back to drinking heavily I guess.

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adrian said...

Speaking of guests, when yours truly visits, is there a UNISG rate?

Btw, funny image of John McCain holding a press conference at a Columbus, Ohio German restaurant while Obama speaks in front of 200k in Berlin. The restaurant was called Schmidt's Fudge Haus. I am not kidding. Even my dyed in the wool whiter than white semi racist step granny from Lubbock TX is undecided.

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?