Sunday, October 14, 2007

14 October Buon compleanno, bro

Good Day everyone, Today is the 1st day of the 50th year of my brother's life and I wish him and his family a great year! I took some dawn pictures for this momentous occasion and the other 2 are showing Jim and I in Colorado. As you can see, he acts young like me.
Bacco is "in the doghouse" right now as he forgot to pee outside last night, instead deciding to display his bladder capacity to my guests at the wine and cheese tasting.
I am sure he will be released from confinement soon and more pictures will follow.
Also congratulations to Elisa, Raffaele's girlfriend who graduated from medical school yesterday, earining an A+ for her thesis on occular manifestations of thyroid disease! Now she must choose between family practice and endocrinology...
We will have guests, though not a full house, through the end of the month and then we are closed in November. Evidently in Italia you have to be closed a certain percentage of the time to show you took a vacation and are not overworked or some such thing. We hope to use the time wisely in planning out our course for the vineyard, pool, winery etc for the next year or 2.
Ciao and Happy Birthday Jim

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