Tuesday, October 16, 2007

more Bacco photos

Bacco at the beach, at home and in Ripatransone. It looks like he will be able to dig the hole for the pool in the back yard with those paws!
Everyone come visit as he needs Aunts and Uncles and I will need some rest! The post following this one is an update of the last few days

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Karen said...

Hey Dwight, what a cute, cute, puppy! I am glad to see that he is doing something that is okay(digging in the sand) rather than having accidents in the house. Bacco looks like he has a great time in any situation! I am glad to know that you are enjoying him. We love our two Bichons. They are sitting in my lap as I type this-they are spoiled rotten. I guess I could ship them over so that they could help Bacco did the pool. I will take on the responsibilty of being a long distance aunt to Bacco-so what I say goes???? I've enjoyed the pictures. The lentils that you mentioned are wonderful. We went up to the mts to have some. The soup was so good that I took my leftover(which was a considerable amount) with me in a baggy! I was very discreete while I did this. However I wasn't very discreete when I laughed so hard I sprayed wine out of my mouth and it went all over the table cloth. This happened because my brother in law came back from the bathroom and said he thought he had just peed in the bidet. ( of course he hadn't....??) I thought this was funny and, of course , the delivery was quite good. Well, I guess I'd better go do something about dinner. I have quite a wide assortment of desserts-spice cake with cream cheese icing; cream cheese pound cake; a praline pecan carmel sauce.....yummmm- now I just have to decide which one to eat tonight. Karen