Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Worse than a baby?

24 ottobre
Bacco is sick with what i can only guess is a partial small bowel obstruction. He has one more day to get well as we are visiting the vet for his shots tomorrow. 2 nights of no sleep for daddy as his intestinal tract has been rejecting things in every possible mode, if you know what i mean. Last night I got up 14 times between 1 and 5. I would have taken him to the emergency vet last night in KC if I lived there, but that is not available here. We just toughed it out and I did a bunch of laundry today. He eats everything including stones, acorns and olives and I fear there may be something stuck at his ileocecal valve. Now, before everyone accuses me of dragging my feet, I must say he is perfectly normal during the day, eats like a champ and is happy and seemingly healthy... I know-like the nurse's or doctor's kid whose appendix ruptures because the kid's complaints fall on deaf, hardened ears.. Tomorrow, I promise!!
I filled up our oak barrel with water today to seal the micro holes and hopefully we can transfer the red wine into the barrel and press dried grapes soon and ferment that juice in our stainless tank to make our "vin santo" or passito.
We have 3 rooms full of english speakers, so I am gabbing a bunch and also trying my hand at baking as Raffaele is on vacation.. grandmom would be proud.. last night lemon pound cake with lemon glaze. Brutta ma buona as we say.. ugly but tastes really good.
The 1st picture is of Bacco and I learning to walk together on a lead in Offida yesterday and another of me in the Sibillina mountains which are now covered with snow. Bacco is far in the lead.

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