Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daylight savings, dark too soon!

28 ott.
Hi everyone. It is time for a change. We changed our clocks back an hour last night which was a real blessing because I drove 80 miles up to Senigallia for dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in the Marche and we returned at 0200 old time, so the extra hour of sleep was much needed. (I had to make breakfast at 0730) I was planning to go with Rebecca and Marco, who were unable to come visit (poveri), but serendipitously, a student from the english master's program at Colorno came to visit with the same idea to try this place out. I met Andy and JP up in Senigallia and we ate a 4 hour, 13 course dinner together paired with wines from the Marche. The meal was quite good and the company even better. Andy and JP are from Taiwan and JP was voted one of the best 10 chefs in Taiwan, so we had a great time dissecting the dishes and comparing thoughts about each. I then drove them back to Nascondiglio where they spent the night and then after a great lunch today in Ascoli, they returned north to Parma.
Our english guests who stayed a week with us and in the end probably preferred Raffaele's italian cooking, although they were too polite to say so, also left today, so we are empty and it is time for our month of vacation.. (But 1st we have 4 rooms to clean)
Italian regulations dictate how many days per year an agriturismo may stay open, so we really have to close now and then to abide by their strange rules.
We are still thinking about and planning the vineyard, clones, rootstock, etc. and next on the agenda is planning and designing the swimming pool for the back yard.
I have included pictures of nascondiglio di bacco with all the land visible for planting. It doesn't seem like much, 6 hectares, but it will keep me very busy once planted..
I hope everone had a wonderful weekend!
Other fotos are of the restaurant called Madonnina del Pescatore and a few of the dishes we enjoyed.
Next time, more Bacco pix and passito making!!


Divina said...

love Madonnina! in summer also try his place at the beach, Clandestino!


Dwight said...

I will!! sushi. Come stai in la Toscana? dds