Thursday, October 18, 2007

Winter weather on the way

18 ottobre
Bacco and I kept an eye on each other and with 3 hours to go, he has been accident free and actually brought a stick back to me 3 times. A veritable genius in the making. Today, not much to do, laundry, cooked a bit as some americans are coming over for dinner and I want to plan cooking classes with Elizabeth for our December offering at Nascondiglio.
I also called the agronomist, the fertilizer guy and the enologist, so now we will put down a few tons of Humoscan (a biological fertilizer), add some base minerals and pick clones to plant.
For the next few days the high temp will be 9 centigrade and the low around 3 with snow or sleet likely on the weekend. I need to start scouting out some firewood and figure out how to change this place over from A-C to heat!
I got up before dawn with my new alarm begging to go outside and saw a strange Venus which seemed to my failing eyes to be superimposed planets, but the enlarged image shows I think just a partial eclipse of the planet. Then, you see the crescent moon between the branches of the pine tree outside my room, sunset last night and the pup eating daisies!
ciao dds

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