Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Passito 2

30 ott.
I wish everyone could read italian, because Raffaele writes in better prose than me. I am sitting in our breakfast hall in an empty agriturismo as we are now officially closed until December, and listening to "The Time Warp" coming from the kitchen. I am "borrowing" Raffaele's fotos from yesterday's work with the white raisins, so you can see our attempt to make a sweet wine. While I was in the vineyard cutting all those little ties we used to tether the white grapes to the cables, I espied some newly ripened montepulciano grapes and hand squashed them to make grape juice and for my 100th post which is the next one, I will show you pictures of the ice cream and cake, filling and icing I made with those grapes.
As Raffaele says on the N di Bacco blog, we pressed and pressed before ever seeing a drop of juice from the raisins, but now that we have a bit over 40 liters, the perfume is incredible and it is sooo sweet, I hope we make a nice sweet dessert wine and not a nice sweet dessert vinegar!
Sto scherzando!


John said...

Great YouTube video! Makes us want to return sooner that we're planning! Best to Raffaele and you. Good luck with the wine! By the way, I found the distributor for Morellone and ordered a case to enjoy through the holidays! John and Dolores

Dwight said...

videos are all raffaeles doing. we would love to see you soon again. enjoy the morellone! maybe someday soon, we will become little distributors and can ship directly to you!