Friday, October 26, 2007

Agronomo info

26 Ottobre
Today we met with 2 different specialists in agronomy and they talked my language a bit better.. and I don't mean english!
The other guys wanted me to believe that there were no differences in microclimates on our hill, whereas I imagine a sheltered wet valley section must be a bit different from the top of the hill which is exposed to stronger winds and is always drier. They also have more experience with vineyards and less with orchards, which makes me feel a bit more secure.
Bacco and I explored Ascoli yesterday after he was given a clean bill of health by the vet and got his second batch of vaccines. I made the mistake of looking up literature on the internet about best puppy and dog foods and most sites recounted how all the industrial dog foods are poisons for our pets and the animals live about 40% longer on food specially prepared from raw meat and vegetable or organic products without the preservatives found in the major brands. Finally, I chose a biological product made in Italy, but still containing byproducts from fish (byproducts being a no-no). Oh well.. as he gets older, maybe I can mix a bit of raw in with the dry dogfood.
Bacco and I are going to try to visit a "chestnut festival" in one of the neighboring towns near the mountains tomorrow and tomorrow night I am going to drive to Senigallia, north of Ancona, to eat dinner at one of the most famous restauants in the Marche called Madonnina del Pescatore. I will report back maybe Sunday on my experience. I am meeting a student from the other master's program at Colorno who is doing his final stage researching the Marche and other zones.
Tonight, I plan to travel to Carassai to borrow a little wine press to smash our "raisins" which seem dry enough and concentrated enough for our attempt to make a passito. I hope there is some liquid left inside them!
Bacco is back to his chipper young self, thankfully, and we have had 2 peaceful nights.
The pictures show our oak barrel made in France, but reconditioned, which is now filled with water to swell up the little holes in the wood which would allow exit of our precious Montepulciano; our land which was plowed, and now is wet and ready to plan. The agronomists did recommend waiting for our planting until january or february to avoid a warm spell which might allow premature germination of the barbatelle, which if followed by a freeze would kill the plants. Finally, you see a foto of Bacco sniffing for more poisonous plants to ingest.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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