Monday, October 08, 2007

il cane e' arrivato!!!

8 ottobre.
Bacco e' arrivato. Now we really are the hideout of Bacco. the lady who sold the dog to me called him sweetly dolce sweetly which i think is a bit prissy, but if I ever show him as he is the son of 2 champions, I have to use that name.. For now, Bacco will suffice. It was a long drive to Siena and back and the cage we bought for him was already too small, so he slept on my lap the whole trip of 3.5 hours and we Bonded! Now I have to house train him, but he is very sweet and very affectionate. and he needs to exercise as he is a Beast! We will start our training program tomorrow. Natually as my luck has run out with my car, the police stopped me as I got off the superstrada at Castel di Lama and I went through my explanation about KS not requiring license plates on the front again.. But the police are not quite as nice as the carabineri... ma..... I may take to driving the Doblo for awhile! Stay tuned, as Bacco is supposed to double in size every 8 hours I think! or maybe she said he would be 20 kg in one month.. something or another.. Pix are of the family, then mom and dad and then Bacco with and without Raffa dds

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