Monday, November 12, 2007

Ciao a tutti, the baker is back

12 nov.
I am back. We have had some wild weather here, with a nice tempest of rain one day and then some days of winds which are quite impressive. After the rain here, the mountains were covered with new snow reminding me a bit of the Rockies.
I have cleaned a bit, visited a couple of festivals, one for San Martino's Day in Grottammare was a 2 day outdoor market, but nothing really special and the other a rather disappointing festival for the special olive tenere in Ascoli where the Piazza was empty of people. It is a shame, because the brochure was well done and it seemed well planned, perhaps I went on the wrong day at the wrong time.
I tried my hand at bread making this weekend, making a parmigiano bread and a rosemary bread like you find at Macoroni Grill i think. Both were reasonable, messy and made a nice base for bruschetta.
I explored our road, contrada Ciafone which winds away to our east and it descends eventually and goes across a creek, which you could not cross even with a land rover or a tractor, i imagine, and then I took a shortcut back to Nascondiglio through a forest of cherry trees from which i took the picture above ( a different angle for once).
I am looking forward to a weekend with the old classmates and tutors next week in Tuscany and also to returning to the states for a couple of weeks in December to catch up with my family and all my friends there. The grand tour will start in KC, then on to St. Louis, Denver and Estes Park, and finally Beaver Creek.
We met with our winemaker and agronomists last week and discussed once again the clones we should plant, when we should plant (changes every week-maybe feb.) planting of undergrowth, biological fertilizers, etc. Today, another meeting with the agronomist and the fertilizer man-who says my life is not exciting!
A dopo
Buona settimana

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adrian said...

D-wight...I hope you weren't dissing Macaroni Grill. I got stuck eating at one in Salt Lake City 6 weeks ago. You're welcome to visit the Bay Area when you come to the States.