Monday, November 26, 2007

TIGERS #1, San Marino, Cooking school

26 nov.
Yes, folks, for the 2nd time in history, there has been a slight frost in Hades. For the 1st time since i was 3 y.o. Missouri is

[1 Missouri 11-1 1 2779 .9751 2 1454 .9693 .9900 4 .978
2 West Virginia 10-1 2 2753 .9660 1 1467 .9780 .9700 3 .971]

number 1 in the country in football, and if all the stars align and MU wins 2 more games, they will be the national champs. Sorry Juvecaserta basketball, or milan AC, Inter, or Arsenal soccer fans; this is IMPORTANT stuff. I have included a photo of 2 young tiger fans who are anxious to see the eastern sports writers in the US eat some Corvo (crow).
I went up to Rimini to pick up some wine I bought on ebay italia and then headed inland to a picturesque, quaint and famous little "oldest republic in the world" known as San Marino. It is now 1,700 years old and even Napoleon respected the declaration of freedom of this little land. It is famous for hosting various events throughout the year, including a grand prix formula 1 race, amazing views and duty free shopping (and the worst olives ascolane i have eaten).
Yesterday was our 1st prova or attempt to have a cooking class here at Nascondiglio, with hopes to provide cooking classes in the winter for guests who want to try a cooking weekend for example. Elizabeth, now a resident of the Marche but previously from the US, was our guest chef and she gave a lesson on pumpkin soup, apple pie, and stuffing while I had prepared roast chicken during the day with veggies to eat along with her treats. We invited friends and asked for comments and hope to improve from there. Imagine someone saying there was too much wine! That was one of the comments so we will slow down on the wine offering during the class to maintain interest and alertness and maybe offer simpler courses which can be eaten as we go along. Anyway, it was fun for all and we learned a bit.
I am almost completely packed for the US and have 3 pages of things to do when I get there, I need a personal secretary to help me remember things. I will be changing my residency in the US to colorado and need a new driver's license, need to register to vote, etc. and afterwards I will be under the italian consulate in Denver, a vast improvement over Chicago!
I will put some more pix above, but these show: my friend's young MU fans, a couple of fotos of San Marino, Elizabeth on the left encouraging Sabrina with a little torte making and the pumpkin soup.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dwight,

It was great seeing you again, hearing of your adventures, and enjoying the awesome meal at Jaspers! I already passed on some of your brochures to Carrollton folks. Many of them are interested in visiting based upon seeing you grow up and knowing your folks.