Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving in America!! buon compleanno Nina!!

21 nov.
I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving which I think is tomorrow. I bought some turkey breast and have some potatoes and carrots, so I can make some semblance of a Thanksgiving dinner. Raffaele is escaping into the north of Italy to explore Spumante land this weekend, but will return for our 1st attempt at hosting a cooking class with an american lady as guest professor. Elizabeth has decided to cook typical american food for our "students" so we will have a sort of Thanksgiving also sunday night. We are still working on the pool project, trying to get our land dry enough for fertilizer and plowing under of the erba medica.
Yesterday, i travelled to city hall to ask about repairing our road which is full of holes; a lot like Kansas City after a tough winter. Then I reminded the mayor's office I need a permesso. I drove the z4 for the last time legally, did a bit of shopping and made a killer chili without chili powder, which is as hard to find as cranberries (in other words, impossible).
I also helped our neighbor cut back his grape vines and that provided some exercise and fun for Bacco.
I am going to try to download some pictures of Thanksgiving in Colorno last year which Allison and I helped prepare for the tutors and masters students. I am having some iphoto problems, so fingers crossed! Ahh, the 15 kg turkey i cooked with orange glaze, boys with knives and Raffa leading Happy Birthday to Nina.
ciao dds


SuzyTwoTablets said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. We had a lovely Italian style dinner here last eve with two friends visiting from Italy. We raised our glass to all of our American friends currently in Italy.

Dwight said...

Thanks very much. Hard to imagine i will be back in the states in just a few days, then I can toast Italy with my american friends as well.