Thursday, November 29, 2007

last pix of n. di bacco and the marche, our honey made without bees and missing Bacco

29 nov.
Here are some photos from last night at dusk and you can see from the top of the hill above us: Nascondiglio di Bacco just behind the olive grove, Gran Sasso, the biggest mountain in the south of Italy, and the sea is visible in the next one far in the distance. Finally, you see a picture of our passito wine which tastes just like honey.. another smile on my face!
In a comic sight yesterday, I was downloading a video from my videocamera into my apple and the camera fell on the keyboard dislodging the j key which hit the floor and within 2 seconds was bitten in 2 by my wonderful dog Bacco. He is off to a babysitter today as i am leaving tomorrow and raffaele is headed north to receive his sommelier pin for completing all 3 levels of that course. Don't worry, Bacco will be back with Uncle Raffa Sunday.
Naturally, as I need to go by bus to Rome tomorrow, there will be a nationwide bus strike, so I am not sure how I will get there at this point. As with many things you read here on my blog "we will see".
Mauro finished our pruning today and Luigi, our neighbor, is plowing and putting down fertilizer. Thank goodness, as the erba medica was continuing to thrive and we need it to perish before planting the vineyard.
Hope to see many of you in america when I arrive. A dopo

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