Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winter is again upon us

14 nov.
Today, just a flight of ideas, which is the way my brain works normally anyway. Thanks to Adrian and Dan for their comments, I will meet Dan when I head back to MO.
GASOLINE here costs $7.67 a gallon, my last fill cost over 100 dollars for the little z4 and was just over 12 gallons.
Happy Birthday today to Lynn Freeman, one of my friends from high school who was about the oldest guy in my class, which meant he got to drive 1st.
Bacco tried to play yesterday with a cat and a great dane, but got no takers. At least he tried to be sociable.
Today our fertilizer arrives which is organic, but the forecast is for rain and sleet for the next 5 days so I don't know when we will be able to apply it. Our vineyard mapped out on gps at 5.7 hectares, so we have about a half hectare extra to find. maybe we will cut out the little .4 hectare old vineyard for a new one, eventually.
We continued our swimming pool planning and are deciding on shapes and accoutrements. maybe we can fill the whole back yard and not have any grass!
Today, I plan to make another quince cake for our buddies we are meeting in La Toscana on Friday. Also, maybe, even though it is cold, I will make vanilla ice cream.
Well, the wheels have stopped turning in my head, so Arriverderci per adesso
dwight PS, the bookend pictures are of dawn this morning

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics Dwight! FYI...We put some comments on tripadvisor but forgot to post a couple pics. We'll attach some later. Hope all is well with you. Have a great Thanksgiving and tell Raffaele we said hello. John and Dolores By the way, where did you say you had your recipe for bruschetta?