Wednesday, November 28, 2007

yard work and packing

28 november
Just finishing up 2 days of yard work, planting etc. with the help of Mauro who has really tidied up our big mess. He is an expert tree trimmer and has opened up our view quite a bit and hopefully made the trees a bit healthier. I have put in a bunch of herbs including lavender, thyme, and rosemary as well as planted some climbing plants to cover up our mailbox/powerbox and make a little barrier outside room 4.
We are planning some things for Christmas and New Year's Eve and hope to rent out the entire agriturismo to one group and throw in some goodies like a magnum of veuve cliquot and a bottle of sassicaia. We will see as we put that on our last minute post.
I have now bought everything by mail order that I can think of to save a bit in tax and pay in dollars and my poor sister in law is probably drowning in boxes. I am packed for america and need to give the pooch a bath before i take off and put all in order. With luck, I won't forget too many things.
I tried our montepulciano wine today when i replaced our pastiche which protects the wine from oxidation and it is a very drinkable wine. I smiled after trying it, anyway. The passito is still fermenting, but maybe when i get back it will have finished. It is a very slow fermentation because of the temperature and we will have to wait and see what the final alcohol content will be as the mustimeter broke before we could check the initial sugar content.
The photos are of Bacco in giro, our plantings, and the wine with a white background to show off its color and next to my parmigiano/prosciutto bread I baked last night.

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