Monday, November 19, 2007

Packing already?

19 novembre
Sorry about the paucity of blog posts; even blogspot didn't remember me and I had to sign in today. Yes, I am already packing for the usa as I am likely to forget something!
As you may recall, I bid congrats to the English master's class when they graduated a week or so back and as always happens at UNISG, you have just a few days to pack up and vacate your apartment afterwards. That left Clementine in a bind, so she came down to stay with us for a few days at Nascondiglio before flying out this morning from Bologna. We explored the southern Marche a bit better than she had with her stage with the university, attended a Slow Food dinner in Porto San Giorgio, saw the antiques market held every 3rd weekend in ascoli Piceno, and of course tried all the local goodies like Rosso Piceno wines from Le Caniette and Aurora and olives ascolane. I took her to the train at San Benedetto which left at 5 this morning, so we are again just 3 in the agriturismo.
This weekend was the grand reunion of our class in Tuscany at the winery Capanelle. Funny the difference a year makes, as last year although I grudgingly appreciated the wines there, I thought it was all a bit overdone- such as the bank vault with monogramed doors for the wine library etc. This year, perhaps I have mellowed a bit. I still think the bank vault is a bit esagerata, but the winemaker, the marketing director and the proprietor have really put together a special place with special wines...i even liked their chardonnay. I strongly recommend a side trip to visit them whenever you come to Tuscany. They are in the town of Gaiole and welcome visitors. You can find their wines, though not cheaply, in the states; Solare, 50/50, the chard and a chianti classica.
We had a wonderful dinner and lunch and Friday night I tried a new experience, which was playing Trivial Pursuits in italian. "Who wrote Aleechay nella paese meravigliosa?" The answer, Lewis Carroll. now you can figure out the question.
We had a nice tour with the winemaker saturday morning followed by a really fine lunch including a wine tasting of the chardonnay from 2005, the solare from 2001 and the chianti classico from 2002 and 2003. An afternoon walk to a local castle followed, with Bacco and I in the lead and afterwards Raffaele, Elisa , Bacco and I returned to the Marche. My wonderful travelling dog vomited all of his lunch on my lap. He is a Forza 10 dog, which means the dogfood has a fish base. You can imagine from there, right? Anyway.. thanks much to NINA our hostess in la Toscana!!!
Bacco made his normal speedy recovery, while I had to change into a pair of Raffaele's pants to go to a graduation party for one of our friends who earned his degree in economics.
Sunday, we had Don Domenico, the priest from Offida for lunch, some friends from Ascoli for supper and that catches up the week.
Today, the sun is shining again after a week of cold, gray and rainy. With luck we can put down fertilizer this week and tear out the erba medica which is starting to regrow in our 2nd field and threatens to block our planting schedule.
We also have talked with a swimming pool salesman and will continue to price pools with others.
I think, fingers crossed, that the italian quota is open for foreigners for 2007. This is still 2007, isn't it??? Anyway, I hope to find a way to be here legally before long.
The pictures show my poor z4 in Ripatransone, overlooking the valley, knowing that his insurance papers are not valid after 20 nov. I definitely need to find a way to get a permesso! Also various fotos from Tuscany including Mr. Mojito, Luigi surrounded by admirers, our hostess, the trivial pursuits game and a group foto, various Bacco pix, etc. I will post another 5 above. Next post will be a Happy Thanksgiving blog post with pictures from the grand dinner at Colorno which Allison and I cooked for 50+ people (with a bunch of help)
Try finding cranberries in italy


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