Monday, November 26, 2007

more pictures of San Marino, cooking class and bravo Jayhawks

26 nov.
Pictures from San Marino ( i played a bit and used B&W and antique modes) and the view from its upper streets with the valleys full of fog, Elizabeth cooking and the apple pies. Finally, I can't help congratulating my 2nd favorite college team in the USA, the Kansas Jayhawks, who were also 11-1 this year. It is too bad someone had to lose the game between the KU and MU, but hopefully, d'ora in poi (from here on), both teams will ride a wave of success. dds


larry said...

Dwight, I hate to correct your impression of the Jayhawks record, but they were 11-0 until the Tigers ripped them up. They are now 11-1 and so is MU.


Dwight said...

Thanks, it is now apposto. dds