Monday, November 05, 2007

Fall fotos and yesterday's cooking experiment

5 november

5 nov.
These are pictures taken yesterday and show some of the Fall colors of our vineyard, snow on the mountains, a growing Bacco and a misty valley below us.
Congratulations and best of luck to the graduating masters at UNISG in marketing and journalism!!
We are almost full for New Year's Eve at Nascondiglio di Bacco having received reservations for 5 families yesterday.
I decided, because obviously i have too much free time on my hands, to make bread yesterday, so I looked up bread recipes on the internet and found the parmigiano-prosciutto bread. It only takes about 4.5 hours to make (including waiting time for the dough to rise). I followed all the instructions perfectly, measuring out all the ingredients beforehand, etc.
After I had carefull kneaded the dough for 10 minutes, however, I found the container with the salt and pepper! Aiii!!! But being clever, I kneaded them into the dough for another 3 minutes or so and never saw them again. I also used the only yeast we had around called lievito dagli angeli or yeast from the angels, which evidently is not for bread, but... ignorance is bliss. At the end, all turned out wonderfully and here is the recipe below. I paired it with a nice leek soup and had a nice supper for a cool night.
Here is the link for the bread recipe:
Today is a bit gray and I will clean room 4 and search for swimming pool designs. Send suggestions about the pool or bread baking.


Divina said...

how funny, you used baking powder for cakes!
so probably got more of a foccaccia?

Lievito for bread is sold both dry and fresh.

the one for bread shakes in the package!

Dwight said...

So, that is what baking powder is , i thought Pizzaiolo was baking powder. I was actually going to bring back baking powder and baking soda from the US and maybe some vanilla, since those have been giving me fits trying to find them.
The bread came out quite tasty despite my errors, thankfully and the 2 loaves are down to 1/2 as we keep eating it.. next assignment is a quince torte! dwight