Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day at the Beach/Bacco's 1st swimming lesson

28 giugno
Feeling like my major battle with the vineyard weeds had at least yielded a stalemate, it was time to celebrate with a trip to Grottammare and a beginner's swimming lesson for Bacco. He loves water, but is not yet ready to just run in over his head and swim a couple of laps. I accompanied my student wearing my lifeguard t shirt and coerced him into trying a bit of paddling. He got better with every attempt until in the last picture, after the bathing and drying fotos, you see he is now practically an intermediate swimmer.
Around here, we have 2 rooms full with repeat guest returning from Puglia to Piemonte.
I am cooking ribs today with 2 rubs graciously ported across the ocean by Tom and Wanda; one from KC Masterpiece and the other from Gates. You Kansas citians know what i am talking about. They are slow cooking in the oven at low temperature with a bit of beer in the bottom of the pan. I feel like my sorbet skills have improved of late thanks to a tip from a guest who suggested I add a bit of gelatin and a bit of vodka, or other tasteless liquor to my fruit and it is indeed much softer after refreezing. My 2 latest capolavori are wild pear with white tea and our own apricots as the other one.
It has been quite hot here and unfortunately, the pool is not yet finished. In fact the "pool guy" and I mean that to sound like the "cable guy" was too tired to work today.
Our garden continues to turn out enough zucchini to feed half of Offida along with lettuce and just beginning are the tomatoes. The sunflowers are beautiful as well.
Enjoy your weekend!

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