Thursday, June 26, 2008

News from Nascondiglio and Bruce Springsteen

26 June
Here is the latest from here. The pool now looks a little more like one, with water inside and a new border of antique bricks below the waterfall. It is still a mess which needs fixing, but day by day we see a little progress. In the distance now, you see we are putting in the poles for the vineyard so it will start looking a bit more like a vineyard as well. We will have about 4,100 of those when all is said and done. The last picture is of Raffaele's lovebird who is enjoying the heat of outdoors more than I did as I hoed THE LAST 4 ROWS of the vineyard today. Hurrah!! Time to start over.
If you can imagine, I took a bus from Ascoli Piceno to Milan-8 hours arriving at 1630 for a Bruce Springsteen concert which started at 2050. Unfortunately, my friend from London who was supposed to join me ended up in the hospital, so a ticket went wasted. They had more scalpers than buyers and i saw one person sell a ticket for 2 euros! All of my buddies in Milan were out shopping or not at home, so I couldn't meet up with them, spending the almost 5 hours people watching while drinking a beer and eating a sausage sandwich. In the end, though, I saw a really excellent concert. I saw the boss in KC 6 or so years back and he seemed much happier to be playing in San Siro stadium. Both were 3 hours long, but the italians were really into the music the whole time and that infectious energy transferred to the band. It must have been 90 degrees in the stadium which is home to AC Milan and Milan Inter, but on the lawn, they never stopped moving. It is embarrassing when the italians know more of the words to the songs (only the recent ones) than I did. Some of Bruce's songs are practically indecipherable even on disc anyway. I must say, it didn't seem like a Springsteen concert without Born in the USA for an encore, but this wasn't america. Afterwards, we had another 7.5 hour bus ride back arriving at about 730 the next morning. Once in a lifetime only please! But fun and a new experience.
Ciao for now. dds


adrian said...

Would a train from Ascoli to Milano have been faster? You are one dedicated Boss fan!;-)

Dwight said...

it was a package deal from ascoli, the tix sold out months ago, so this was the only mode of procurement. i bought them for my friend who is a total fan and i was just going along for the ride. More interested in REM at Perugia!