Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What to do?

4 June
What am I going to do now, read now, think about now that the Democratic primary is over. All the fun and games of the last 7 months finished! I guess I will have to read Hollywood gossip and wait for the birth of the Brangelina twins!
The concrete pond is moving ahead and by now everyone knows my frustration. My advice, which I was to ignorant to heed, is to put a penalty for late completion in your pool contract. It is now looking like late June for the grand opening.
For those with a really great memory, Michele and Teresa have had a little girl and the baptism is coming up in 10 days. Exciting stuff for us UNISG grads.
I am still hoeing the vineyard and making some progress, but there's still a month of solid work ahead along with the B&B jobs. We currently have 19 people staying with us which will increase to 21 when Tom and Wanda arrive today. It is impossible to house more than that without some folks in tents or on the floor.
The pictures show the new retaining or sitting wall which will be stuccoed and you can see the drop for the infinity pool water and in the middle, the slot for the waterfall to the lower pool. Also at the far left is the subterranean room for the filters and pumps.

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