Saturday, June 28, 2008

KC BBQ in italy

29 giugno
Yesterday for our guests we turned on the AC for the 1st time. Wow, was i happy!
Despite the best efforts of the rubs from KC Masterpiece and Gates, the poor quality of my pork ribs overrode the wonderful cooking skills of the chef and the prep from Kansas City. Not to say the ribs weren't "mangiabile" edible, but even with 5,5 hours of slow cooking, the result was not up to standard.
The last spinach from the garden cooked with red onions, garlic and guanciale was good as were my sorbettos with our passito from 2007.
My friend Lorie was just stung on the lip by a bee and is in misery, so in her honor, I am including a bit of our local apiary culture.
Bumble bees on lavender and sunflowers. We coexisted in harmony, so my lips are still too thin.
I must say that Lorie has that hot lips Houlihan look!
Also, I have thrown in a couple of pix of Bacco and I in the newly adorned vineyard.
Tomorrow, after we serve breakfast to our piemontese guests, Bacco and I may take a little walk in the mountains. Fotos to follow as always with my photogenic cane.

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Tom & Wanda said...

Sorry I missed this; although it doesn't appear that the KC rub helped too much. Maybe next time we'll bring the ribs too! (I suspect that's the real problem). We'll do better to keep up in the future!