Sunday, June 01, 2008

Over 1 Year of the "New LOD" blog

1 Giugno
Happy Sunday everyone. Here it is a slow news time, but here is a bit of a weekend update. The blog from the Marche started 29 Maggio, so I am sorry i missed the real anniversary. I did manage to get in about 191 posts during the year.
I am changing flower pix from roses of rome to geraniums from our little collection.
It has been 80 something of late and clear, but with a bit of rain coming next week. perhaps.
We have completed another plowing of a sort in our vineyard, so I am not ashamed to show you a picture of some of the cabernet franc vines heading down our hill.
We had 4 rooms full last night, but fill up completely for the next 4 days, after which I will be pleased to see my old friends from KC, Tom and Wanda and then Dan, my favorite hospital administrator.
There will be no work on the pool today or tomorrow as it is another national holiday. Aiiiiiii!
I am making cinnamon rolls for our guests tomorrow so you know I am bored, but I was taking a hoeing holiday since it is Sunday and my hands are a disaster. This is my 1st attempt to make them and in true american style, they are filled with butter and sugar and cream (only 2 tbsp)
Last night I harvested some of our garden's spinach and cooked them with oil, garlic and guanciale (pig's cheek, you can use pancetta or thick bacon) and it was great!
Our codirossi have fledged and hopefully are foraging on their own with a bit of help from mom and dad, but man, that was Fast!!
Finally, a photo of Bacco enjoying some shade on a hot day.

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