Friday, May 30, 2008

Quadruplets? Pool update

30 Maggio
Our codirosso family seems to have become quads instead of twins. Do you see another couple of pairs of eyes under the dominant duo or am I just seeing double?
Hillary and Jeff are visiting just now from the states and I have known Hillary for a score of years I think. They are doing a nice long tour through Italy and using our stop as a pause for a deep breath before heading up to Venice today.
I continue to slog away with my hoe and my sausage shaped fingers are not happy, but they are putting up with the need for their assistance.
The cement pond has turned into the rebuilding of the twin towers as delays continue to haunt us. As we are full in the next week, we had to clear the worker's equipment out of room 2 and disinfect and clean that mess. They did pour concrete yesterday, so you can see the final product beginning to take shape.
The olive blossoms are falling, leaving in their place, teeny little olives. Of course, all of them won't make it to big daddy olive size, but fun to see, nonetheless.
I am doing a bit of work in the old vineyard, tying up branches and thinning redundant ones, so the vine can put its energy into the "rami" with the little grapes. That is a work I enjoy much more than hoeing, so I do that job when it is really hot or I need to "warm up" for the hoeing (zappatura)
Our garden is filling up with lettuce, spinach and beautiful zucchini with flowers which I can't wait to eat! Also, the tomatoes are growing a bit and finally, the artichokes are on their last legs; time to plow under the plants. I will miss them.

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