Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rocky Mt. high, flora, fauna of RMNP

15 Maggio
Here i am enjoying a little R and R in Colorado, hoping my fingers heal while I am here. Today, I took a 7 mile hike with snow shoes to a couple of lakes in Rocky Mt. National Park, one of the nation's best places! I left the house just before 0600 and was the 1st in the park and the 1st on the trailhead. In fact, in 4 hours, I didn't see anyone! I did hear 2 people, ma va bene.
On the drive in I saw wild turkeys on the road and the male was displaying! Never imagined turkeys in the mountains of Colorado. On my shortcut back from the lakes, I saw a ptarmigan changing into summer colors, also a rarity.
I have finished The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of 4 books, which I highly recommend to those with a sense of humor tending toward British style and am on to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Total escapism!
The pictures are of everything from the bark of a Ponderosa pine tree which smells like vanilla to mountain scenes, dawn from my house, lichen on a rock and a herd of elk. Tomorrow, more wildlife including turkeys, coyotes, ptarmigans,etc
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