Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Colorado scenery

17 May Denver
1st, be sure to check out the Nascondiglio di Bacco blog as Raffaele has posted the latest swimming pool photos and you can see how things will look when all is finished. There is a link from here or try
Here are some more photos from my little snowshoeing expedition. For those who haven't snowshoed before, it is a blast and doesn't require much more energy than regular hiking and you can go up waterfalls and stuff (if they are covered with snow and not ice). It is really peaceful and a great escape from the crowds.
Also, I am throwing in another Roman rose to add a bit of color. Raffaele says I massacred my roses with my custom antibeetle bio spray, but the beetles have hightailed it, at least. I will return to survey the damage in a few days.
Today, it is off to St. Louis to visit the family and see my piu piccola nipote graduate from high school. Michelle, my oldest niece is the smartest of the family as she moved to Colorado at 26, so we got to catch up last night over some oysters and wine in her cute little part of Denver. Also, I got to see one of my old bible study buddies Don who flew in for an orthodontics convention and we rehashed our misspent youth especially revelling in remembrances of Susie, who was the assistant in our orthodontist's office when we were both teenagers. She was quite unforgettable for a 14 yo and according to Don, his assistants do not "position themselves" in the same proximity to the patients as Susie did. I can't wait to question my brother, who had his braces on for over 4 years and hear his memories as well. Anyway, we definitely got a few smiles out of our recollections!
Today, a little walk around Washington Park to start the day before heading out to the airport.
The pictures are of the Loch and Mill's Lake and parts of the trail.

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