Friday, May 09, 2008

different year, fun at the questura, ready to head back to the USA

9 Maggio
Buon compleanno a Giorgio domani, Stef il 12 e Rebecca 18!!! Tanti auguri a tutti vuoi.
Lots of may birthdays and i will be gone for all of them as I take off for Rome to visit the rose garden tomorrow, then to find a Methodist church for Sunday. Flying out Monday to rest up my fingers and wrists in colorado. We hired 7 helpers to hoe and yesterday they broke more vines in 1 day than Raffa and I in a month of hoeing. Che Sfiga!
I may have found the solution for the beetles, but we will have to see how my latest round with them goes.
Our 2 americans are leaving tomorrow and Nascondiglio di Bacco will be empty for a while. Feel free to come and fill it up while i am away; I don't want Raffaele to get bored.
You see here a foto of Raffa watering the flowers, which this year is legal as we have no watering restrictions.
Here you also see an orange tree i planted in a pot on our patio and the blossoms are wonderfully fragrant!
The pool is now one step closer to completion as the room where the pumps and filters will go is finished.
Nice and sunny and warm here, so in the future, for those who want to visit the Marche a bit ahead of the crowds but with nice weather, May is a recommendation.
I am hoping to see some of my KC friends later this month as they visit us in late May.
More pictures to come as they become available. I will try to post some of Bacco's maiden swimming voyage soon.

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