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Advertising---Slow Food ideas

18 Maggio
Buon compleanno Rebecca!
Here are a few places I visited in Colorado.
Ciao a tutti
It is time to plug some great folks I have met on this trip to Colorado, a state much in tune with the tenets of Slow Food.
My 1st stop and one I always make when I am in Boulder was at The Kitchen, a cool restaurant on Pearl Street which utilizes as much as possible local growers and purveyors of sustainable, oft times organic foods. The kitchen even obtains their energy needs from wind power. I tried some incredible muscles from Maine and paired it with a wonderfully eclectic wine from Austria, not something you find in restaurants every day and hand picked as are all the selections by the sommelier.
Also in Boulder, I visited Celestial Seasonings tea company which makes a number of wonderful teas, both caffeinated and herbal all using ingredients from sustainable farming from all over the world. The business started in 1969, the summer of love and I first used their Morning Thunder tea (old motto was “When your get um up won’t, morning thunder will”) as a stimulant for studying for finals. And all legal and natural! The tour is well worth a little detour when you are in the area and is free. Don’t miss the mint room if you have a cold as afterwards your eyes will be watering and your nose clear!
For those with a hankering for beef raised right and happy, check out my new friend Scott Gyurman’s wonderful selection of meats at
No antibiotics, hormones, OGM and lots of land to roam and graze on with no tight pens or stalls for these animals which are normally slaughtered between 14 and 20 months. I am taking a couple of beautifully marbled steaks to my brother’s house and will try them tonight. This family is passionate about humane treatment of their animals and if you don’t think there is a difference in taste between free range and cloistered force fed animals, do a blind taste test with Scott’s beef.
Lastly, for those who like sausages of all types and flavors, but feel guilty when you look at those store labels which show 50% fat, check out Cliff and Jason’s Rocky Mt. meat company at
Their sausages have just 18% fat!! Unheard of !
I told them the Italians wouldn’t go for that, but we americans who are conscious of good food choices can’t go wrong here. I bought the whiskey fennel flavor, but they offer over 25 other choices and can ship anywhere, although it would be better to order a bunch since they have to ship using 2 day and dry ice packaging to ensure freshness.
Finally, for my Kansas City buddies, count your blessings that you have Jasper leading up your Slow Food convivium and for goodness sakes, join up and find out what healthy eating and good, clean and fair eating is all about! You can start with and make your way through the site ending up with the kansas city slow food link.
Finally, a couple of more pix from Colorado and the Rome rose garden.
Buon domenica!

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